Commonwealth Championships 2023

Acceptance of Final Entry Request

Dear Athlete,

We are excited to inform you that you have been entered in the Preliminary Entry list for this competition.

Final Entries are due the 10th May 2023, so accordingly we are asking are you able to compete?

The flowing applies as this is a self-funded competition:

Your Flight ticket will be around R15 000 to R20 000

Accommodation minimum of 3 nights of $130 per night for a twin room +/- R2 470per night = R7410
Accommodation minimum of 3 nights of $150 per night for a single room +/- R2 850per night = R8550

Anti Dopring Fee per Lifter is $50 = R950

In essence an Athlete staying 3 nights on their own without a coach is approximately R 28 360 minimum, this excludes visa, insurance etc… Please note that this would be ideal cost but you would probably require further accommodation, but this can be at an alternative hotel.

If you are under the age of 18 year, this would probably double (R56 720.00) as you will require a chaperone.

All the above is just an indication of costs, the more Athletes attend of the same sex the less chaperones are required.

We herewith ask if you are able to cover the costs and we will therefore entre you on the final entries list by the 10th May 2023, to which we will require your itinerary of flights and accommodation requirements.

We look forward to a this championship.