We are Excited for the Weekend!

What do I need for weigh-in?

Please remember you ID Document or Passport

What can I wear?

Singlet, if you are a seasoned lifter (Provincial branded, if you are selected to represent your province)
Tight pants or shorts, T-Shirt should be tight and tucked in, for those first-time lifters.
Weightlifting belts 120mm/12cm in width.

What must I remember when I am on the platform?

Have Fun!!

Wait for the Down Signal
Don’t step over the bar
Don’t touch the bar with your foot
Don’t release the bar when its above the shoulders

Technical Meeting

The Technical Meeting will be at 6pm (at the Venue)

This is the last time a Senior, Youth or U14 Lifters can change weight Categories.

Please email info@saweightlifting.co.za your weight category changes before Thursday the 20 October 2022, if you or your coach will not be present at the meeting.

Provincal team Selection must be presented at the meeting.