The SA Weightlifting Team in Tunisa Africa Senior Weightlifting Championships 2023

Firstly, what an honour to represent my country on an international stage with my fellow athletes – friendships I have gained. It is an experience I will cherish for a lifetime. It has lit a flame of passion like you can’t imagine for a sport I love so much.” Daniel Katzav (M81kg)

Congratulations to our SA team!

3rd place overall in the Men’s Team Category

5th place overall in the Women’s Team Category

Front Row: Anneke Spies, Georgia Love, Chantelle Burger, Yolandi Van Ryneveld, Daniel Katzav, Laryne Jefferies
Second Row: Kerrin Bouch, Andre Gadney, Matthew Hurn (Coach), Darryn Anthony (Coach), Jon Antohein Phillips
3rd Row: Johannes Beukman, Petar Kartev (Coach), Ruben Burger, Antony Swanepoel
Missing: Vuyani Mashego

Jon Antohein Phillips M73

(Western Cape)

Snatch: 108kg

Clean&Jerk: 150kg

Total: 258kg

Place: 5th

Vuyani Mashego M89


Snatch: 126kg

Clean&Jerk: 148kg

Total: 274kg

Place: 8th

Daniel Katzav M81


Snatch: 110kg

Clean&Jerk: 140kg

Total: 250kg

Place: 7th

Andre Gadney M89


Snatch: 114kg

Clean&Jerk: 145kg

Total: 259kg

Place: 9th

Ruben Burger M102

(Western Cape)

Snatch: 140kg

Clean&Jerk: 170kg

Total: 310kg

Place: 6th

Antony Swanepoel M109

(Free State)

Snatch: 123kg

Clean&Jerk: 147kg

Total: 270kg

Place: 2nd

Johannes Beukman M109


Snatch: 120kg

Clean&Jerk: 145kg

Total: 265kg

Place: 3rd

Anneke Spies W59

(Western Cape)

Georgia Love W59


Yolandi Van Ryneveld W64


Snatch: 70kg

Clean&Jerk: 91kg

Total: 161kg

Place: 5th

Chantelle Burger W64


Snatch: 70kg

Clean&Jerk: 86kg

Total: 156kg

Place: 6th

Laryne Jefferies W71


Snatch: 86kg

Clean&Jerk: 106kg

Total: 192kg

Place: 4th

Kerrin Bouch W76


Snatch: 77kg

Clean&Jerk: 96kg

Total: 173kg

Place: 5th